Hakuna Matata
Vacationing with care

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How it works.

Whether you are on vacation for a week or wintering in the Algarve for a longer period, we will come and provide the care you need on the agreed days and times. We provide temporary care up to a maximum of three months.

What should you do if you want to choose our temporary care? To begin, send us an email with your care request and length of stay. Then we get to know each other and walk through your care needs. In this conversation, you can state your wishes and needs, and we will explain how our professional customized care works.

After this contact, we will prepare an offer of care and send further information. If you agree to the offer, we will give you a temporary care agreement for the requested period of care.

Health and/or travel insurance
With your health insurance and/or travel insurance, you can claim for healthcare expenses incurred abroad.

Are you already receiving care with indication? If so, you are probably entitled to partial reimbursement from your health insurance or travel insurance. Contact the insurance company to request the appropriate form for your claim. If you find this difficult, you can also always consult an ombudsman. This foundation or organization is happy to explain the steps you need to take to get reimbursed for care on vacation.