Hakuna Matata
Vacationing with care

marcel and jose

About us

Olá. We are Marcel and José.

As experienced nurses and Caregiver IG3, we have made caring and unburdening on vacation our mission.

For more than 20 years we have enjoyed working with people with care needs in a variety of places.
Thus we have had the opportunity to gain experience in hospital, psychiatry, psychogeriatrics, terminal care, care for the mentally handicapped and as district nurses in home care. No matter how different the environment, people and care needs were all the time, one thing was and is the same everywhere. The work gives us tremendous satisfaction.

All the knowledge and skills gained as caregivers we put in our suitcase years back. It was time to continue our work as nurses and caregivers in Portugal. In the Algarve, to be exact. We live at Quinta das Amendoeiras, rent out two apartments and focus entirely on providing care in the surrounding towns. Will you be the next person we get to provide a carefree vacation in the Algarve?