Hakuna Matata
Vacationing with care

Need care on vacation

You want to vacation in Portugal, but need support and care. It may also be that you are staying in the Algarve for an extended period or living there temporarily, and are in need of assistance. Either way, you’re looking for a caregiver who can provide temporary care for you, your child or your family member. So you can enjoy a carefree vacation.

This is exactly what we do: provide professional on-site care and relieve you and your family or friends. We do this in the Algarve, around the towns of Carvoeiro, Silves,

Armação de Pêra and Portimão. We come to your hotel, vacation home, resort or accommodation to provide the care you need.

Our dream is to give you and as many others as possible a relaxing vacation, despite the backpack you carry with you
carries. How nice is it not to have to think about your illness or disability or infirmity for a while, but to be able to do cozy things and unwind from everyday existence? Éven no worries. For a moment … Hakuna Matata!

Olá. We are Marcel and José.

As experienced nurses and Caregiver IG3, we have made caring and unburdening on vacation our mission.

For more than 20 years we have enjoyed working with people with care needs in a variety of places.
Thus we have had the opportunity to gain experience in hospital, psychiatry, psychogeriatrics, terminal care, care for the mentally handicapped and as district nurses in home care.

How it works.

Whether you are on vacation for a week or wintering in the Algarve for a longer period, we will come and provide the care you need on the agreed days and times. We provide temporary care up to a maximum of three months.

What should you do if you want to choose our temporary care? To begin, send us an email with your care request and length of stay. Then we get to know each other and walk through your care needs.

Types of care

Do you receive care in the Netherlands through the home care organization or care facility? We take this care from them when you are on vacation. At the care location of your choice. Types of care we provide include:

– Aftercare during a recovery period after surgery
– Stoma care
– Catheter care
– …

Tools for rent

Need temporary medical supplies on vacation in the Algarve? Rent the tool you need from us and we’ll make sure it’s at your vacation location. Some rental items in our range include:

– High-low bed
– Beach Wheelchair
– Rollator
– Shower Chair
– …